Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen by Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker

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Crash:  The Life and Times of Dick Allen by Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker is a 189-page hardcover published in 1989 by Ticknor & Fields, New York.  There is light surface rubbing to the dust jacket.  Else, the book shows little to no indication of use.

Book Summary

For the Phillies, batting third, number 15, Richie Allen

For those of use who grew up in or around Philadelphia in the sixties, those words over the public address system at Connie Mack Stadium signaled a moment of decision:  to boo or to cheer.

Our decision said a lot about who we were.  It began in 1964, when Richie Allen was named Rookie of the Year as the slugging third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies.  Eight tumultuous seasons later, Dick Allen was named most valuable player of the American League while playing for the White Sox.  

Allen was also baseball's biggest outlaw.  He was undisciplined and outspoken, a free spirit who abides by no rules.  He was accused of missing curfews, skipping Spring training, drinking on the job, getting high, fighting teammates, having managers fired, and even doodling cryptic messages in the infield dirt.  He never did like sportswriters.  He was as enigmatic as he was recalcitrant.

Dick Allen was also the first black man in Philadelphia baseball history to win a starting job in his rookie year.

ISBN:  0-89919-657-8