Selections from the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci Edited by Irma A. Richter

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Selections from the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, edited by Irma A. Richter, is a 417-page softcover published in 1977 by Oxford University Press.  The title page has the name of the previous owner in ink.  Else, book in very good condition.

Book Summary

Leonardo is famed for his extraordinarily inventive, often prophetic mind.  The radical spirit of inquiry and the sense of proportion manifest in his artistic work characterized his approach to all spheres of knowledge--from the mechanical to the metaphysical.  Not only could he conceive of the technical possibility of the submarine centuries before its successful manufacture; he could also anticipate and deplore the destructive uses to which man could put it.

Throughout his life he carried notebooks with him, in which he scribbled down ideas and opinions as they occurred--personal, domestic, scientific, philosophical, artistic--frequently accompanied by explanatory sketches and diagrams.  In this Galaxy Book Edition, Irma Richter gives coherence to this rich Kaleidoscope of ideas and impressions.

ISBN:  0-19-281214-9