W.S> George (Ohio & Pennsylvania,USA) 1988 "The Panda" Decorative Plate

$ 20.00

A 1988 decorative plate by W.S. George in "The Panda" design of two pandas as depicted by Will Nelson.  The plate measures 8 1/2" round with a profile height of 1".  The condition of the plate is pristine, with no flaws.  The back of the plate reads:  

"Plate No. 9Q The Panda by Will Nelson First Issue in Last of their Kind:  The Endangered Species 1988 The Exclusive Collection of Painted Will Nelson's Endangered Animal Studies Sponsored and Authenticated by The Wildlife Society Edition Limited to 150 Firing Days Maximum Bradex No.:  84-G20-15.1" and "I hope these would always be pandas in their natural habitat so others can study them in China as I have. --Will Nelson."

Style Idea

This would look sweet in a child's bedroom or even guest bedroom as a little vanity tray to hold a comb or hairbrush.  It could also look cool on a bar cart to hold bar tools.